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'Round Table Tours / Customize Your Corporate Event Experience

‘Round Table Tours can help you create a memorable customized culinary experience that meets your business or event planning needs.

  • Host a business meeting or networking event filled with culinary delights along a theme that will impress your clients and partners
  • Incorporate your team building activities and training sessions with group cooking activities or food workshops
  • Develop an employee incentive program, offering specialized tours and activities

For further information or to discuss how we can create a unique experience for you, please contact us or call (514) 812-2003.

Customized Culinary Safaris

We will create a gastronomic food experience that meets your business needs. We can arrange day or evening activities, specialized locations, transportation, and dietary requirements. Your event can focus on a customized interactive tour and activities or we can host your event in a more formal environment.

Group Cooking Activities

Experience a dynamic team-building activity, where participants are guided through the preparation of a pre-selected menu, which is then enjoyed together as a group. This experience can be customized to include a theme or a focus on the use of a certain ingredient(s), with a menu of three to six courses.

Food Workshops

We can set up a specialized food workshop that focus on topic(s) you wish to explore such as food that increases energy and productivity, urban sustainable food production, or specialized cultural dishes. A food expert will guide you through your topic in an interactive and fun experience, followed by a Table d’hôte made with the topic explored.