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Farm to Farm to Table: Country tour and dinner!

$255 + taxes

Come explore a handful of carefully selected farms in a featured region of Quebec, finishing with a meal made with in-season ingredients from the farms in this series of farm to table excursions. In co-operation with the nutritionist Julie Aubé, author of "Prenenz le champs!", an agro-tourism guide to Quebec, we will meet the farmers and learn about their production. There will even be a forager dropping in on one of the events. The day in the country is topped-off by an extravagant dinner on one of the farms made by an established surprise chef exclusively with farm and other ingredients from a 50km radius. This elaborate 5 course meal is curated by Marie-Ève Lapante, our sommelière, and includes food and spirit pairings and an unforgettable atmosphere. Get out of the city and into the field with us for this extraordinary farm to table event.

The experience includes:

  • A Gastronomic farm to table meal prepared exclusively with ingredients from the farms visited and farms of the region.
  • Apéro on the farm
  • Guided visit of the farms by Julie Aubé and 'Round Table Tours, including privileged access to the farmers
  • A trip into the forest on the June 10th excursion with a forager
  • Exploration of a unique agro-touristic region: either Rougemont in September or Montreal's West Island in June
  • Access to unique regional products. (Coolers and refrigeration bags are welcome) 
  • Transportation to and from Jean-Talon Market and between the farms

Afternoon Tea: Le Total

$130 + taxes

Enter the universe of tea. From its history to its current reality, we will experience it from all angles, tasting as we go. Montreal has some of the most unique and notorious tea businesses in the world!! Come and meet a Montreal-based Chinese tea grower and retailer that was born out of many generations of Chinese medicine but with a fresh and modern branding. Visit one of the top 5 tea importers in the world and their tea sommelier school for a course on tea tasting. Visit a Paris-based company open for over 150 years that also operates in Montreal and is known for their perfuming techniques and then lounge in a Victorian tea-based mixology bar with a cocktail and fancy bites and finish in a cozy but chic tea room in the trendy Mile End with tea and desserts. We will open the world of tea to you, all you have to do is drop down through the rabbit hole!

This is a guided exploration in all things tea.

The experience includes:

  • A multitude of tea tastings and a course on tasting technique
  • Visits to three retailers, a top tea importer and tea school, and a tea room and mixology bar
  • Sweet and savoury foods to accompany and a tea-based cocktail

Eat and Ride: Montreal Food Truck Cycle Tour

$135 + taxes

Explore the re-emergence of Montreal’s diverse street food scene, with an emphasis on gourmet dishes made from scratch using local, fresh products - this is more than a hot dog cart tour! Experience the ultimate meals on wheels experience: bikes and food trucks.

The guided tour will travel the bicycle paths along the Lachine Canal, in Old Montreal and downtown at a leisurely pace for people of all ages to enjoy.

The experience includes:

  • 2 drinks, 2 appetizers, 2 half meals and dessert
  • The history of the street food movement in North America from the 1600’s until now, the trucks, and their proprietors
  • Exploration of Montreal’s points of interest along the tour

Circuit of Tapas: Iberian Montreal

$160 + taxes

Experience Montreal’s Spanish and Portuguese community, food and atmosphere in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood. Do what we call “tapear” - go an a tapas and wine tasting adventure with friends.

The Circuit of Tapas is a guided walking tour.

The experience includes:

  • Elaborate 13-course tasting menu
  • Three glasses of wine
  • Visit 2 restaurants, 1 food production site and a food retailer

Sustaining City: Montreal's Living Table

$135 + taxes

Taste the merging of creativity, food and ecology.

The tour will explore emerging styles of extremely unique health-conscious plant-based cuisine and how the city sustains itself through urban agriculture, mushroom-growing, urban beekeeping, foraging and green oases weaved into a concrete jungle.

The Living Table guided tour is done by bike from May to October.

The experience includes:

  • An elaborate, upscale and unique eight-course vegan tasting menu
  • A visit to 2 out of the ordinary urban food production sites
  • Exploration of Montreal's green alleyways and an overview of the city's green initiatives
  • Tasting at an extremely unique and 100% organic restaurant
  • A bicycle, helmet, and a basket.

Montreal Wine and Pairings

$155 + taxes

Come out and learn about wine production in Quebec! Understand the influence of climate and commercial challenges, and the growing interest in organic and biodynamic wines that has emerged as a result of these challenges. Improve your tasting skills with a sommelier over privatley purchased wines while experiencing carefully planned pairings prepared by some of Montreal’s top chefs. Cheers!

We will explore Old Montreal, Rosemont and Little Italy, mainly moving on foot with a couple of rides.

The experience includes:

  • Six glasses of wine (tasting format)
  • A variety of bites to help you better experience food and wine pairing
  • A restaurant known for its wine and pairing selections
  • A merchant of local wines and spirits and other local food products
  • A wine cellar specialized in natural wines
  • A well-known wine bar
  • A sommelier guide who can help you develop your wine tasting skills and expertise

Micro-Brewery, Micro-Distillery and Mixology

$155 + taxes

Come meet Montreal’s first true micro-distillers, the first micro-brewing co-op, and a Victorian mixology bar where all of the cocktails are tea-based. You will learn about each industry, get to taste and learn some mixology basics. There are delectable bites along the way too. Bottoms up!

The experience includes:

  • Beer and alcohol samples and a tea-based cocktail
  • Gourmet bites
  • The world's first micro-brewery co-op
  • A mixology bar
  • The history of each company and industry in Quebec
  • Information about production techniques
  • A mixologist or beer or wine sommelier guide
  • Transportation

Montreal: Ultimate Chocolate Tour

$80 + taxes

Making, drinking, cooking with chocolate and its confection! Meet the most passionate people working with chocolate in Montreal including a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, a retailer and teacher, a chocolatier or confectioner, and a Mexican chef. Learn about chocolate throughout history, from Mesoamerican and precolonial history, colonial production, industrial production and the bean-to-bar movement. If you're thirsty for knowledge about the hows or whys of chocolate and have a palette and nose eager to explore the subtleties of high-quality cacao, then this tour is perfect for you! Get behind the scenes with people who live and breathe chocolate and learn how they got to live the dream.

This is a guided tour on foot in the Plateau and Mile End neighbourhoods

The tour includes:

  • Tasting of at least 9 chocolates, a chocolate infusion, a traditional Mexican chocolate drink and a light savoury chocolate-based meal
  • Time with chocolate experts and devotees and their personal stories
  • A look at bean-to-bar and chocolate confection production
  • Learning about chocolate's origins and history
  • A brief history of the neighbourhoods visited

Iconic Dishes: Jewish Montreal, The Original Tour!

$80 + taxes

Delis, diners, bagel factories, class conflict, yiddish poetry and kibitzing.

Explore the community behind some of Montreal’s most iconic dishes while learning about their deeply anchored roots in Montreal’s growth and history. This tour is a must for those that enjoy classic Jewish delights as history buffs.

The Jewish Montreal tour is a guided walking tour.

The experience includes:

  • 5 classic Jewish food establishments
  • Exploration and history of the surrounding neighbourhoods

Under the Surface: Montreal’s Chinatown

$70 + taxes

This tour will explore the evolution of Montreal’s Chinatown, from its pre-Chinese beginnings to its current mix of people, food and businesses. Learn about the history and impact of different waves of immigration and immigration policies while discovering the food and stories of local chefs, merchants and colourful characters. This tour does more than scratch the surface and gets beyond Chinatown's facade to taste its best treasures!

The Montreal's Chinatown is a guided walking tour.

The experience includes:

  • 5 food tasting stops
  • Exploration and history of Chinatown and its local characters

'Round Table Tours / Gift Certificates

Glutton Guide Montreal: The Hungry Traveler's Guidebook

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With this guidebook, you’ll never fall into a tourist trap again. Written by foodies for foodies, Glutton Guide is all you’ll need to plan a memorable meal-based trip in Montreal. Highlighting the city’s most authentic and delicious foods, Glutton Guide leads travelers to local treasures that are easy to miss and often hard to find – unless you know exactly where to look and what to order.

The Glutton Guide covers casual, mid-range and high-end dining and other food experiences

Reasons to get it:

  • Montreal has the most restaurants per capita in North America. We've sifted through them to to serve you the best on a platter
  • Can be conveniently downloaded onto your phone, reader or any other device
  • Because you'll never find these places on your own!
  • Regularly updated
  • No trees cut-down to make it!

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